About Us

Since the establishment of our business in 2005, PatroDaniels Consultants Inc. has evolved into a global organization with a portfolio of service offerings and expertise. With a firm foundation in the Oil & Gas, Information Technology (IT), Communication, Education, Government and Finance industries, PatroDaniels provides companies with consultation and strategic advice on Project Management, Management Consulting, Manpower Development and Training & Educational Services. With a customer centric approach, we ensure our clients optimize their investments and outcomes by providing customized and efficient business processes and frameworks. Our expertise enables us provide our clients with cost savings, proactive risk management and profitable strategies for sustainability.

Core Values

Our statement of purpose  – Inspiring a character of excellence in service delivery by providing exceptional customer service

Our core values recognize that our business success is founded upon a commitment to providing the ultimate customer experience by exploring sustainable and efficient options with proven business techniques


PatroDaniels brings clarity to project objectives and manage relationships through effective communication in implementing client’s strategy and driving the project towards the overall goal.


Our differentiation edge is hinged by extracting economic and social values from latest knowledge through the generation, development, and implementation of ideas to produce new or customized strategies, capabilities, products, services, or processes for our client.

Customer Service

At PatroDaniels Inc., our clients are our priority. Our associates are skilled to guarantee a win-win outcome ensuring a repeat business with every client.