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Online Training & Certification

PatroDaniels Consultants Inc. partner with VMEdu, Inc. a leading global training service and certification provider specialized in delivering training and building skill sets in Project management, IT service management, and Quality management domains. With brands such as PMStudy, SCRUMStudy, and MyITStudy, COBIT. PatroDaniels Consultants has been able to provide training to thousands of students from hundreds of Educational Institutions and corporations across the continents with a success rate of 98.0%.

PatroDaniels’s training offerings are provided through various methods including course curriculum materials and study guides, mobile apps, podcasts, and videos, to name a few. PatroDaniels, through its affiliate brands, offer a global accreditation platform for certifications in the Scrum and Agile frameworks for project and product delivery and the Six Sigma methodology for quality control. CBAP, Marketing, and other Business certification programs.

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Customized training

We offer in-house training services to the private and public sector, training companies, organizations, government, and parastatals. We have an enviable client base of international blue-chip companies to whom our professionally qualified, experienced team delivers training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and conference speaking to our global audience. We specialize in working with organisations to enhance their business performance and successfully realize their strategic goals. PatroDaniels classroom training services is focused, evidence-based and intensive.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, providing quality training by skilled and experienced educators of the highest standard. Our certified training consultants offer extensive training and development programs that seamlessly fit the organization’s requirements and culture. We deliver highly professional training consultancy services across the globe.

Our core team is complemented by an impressive network of associates, providing an amazingly flexible solution that enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to each new situation. By creating multi-disciplinary teams of experts, we can deliver the right resource for each commission.

Training Focus

Communication Skills: We are committed to helping individuals craft persuasive messages and deliver them confidently. We also ensure that the professionals in your organization communicate your messages successfully and are perceived in the best possible manner. All our management training programs focus on people communicating efficiently, thoroughly and effectively with their peers, superiors, and staff.

Communication is the heart of interpersonal skills and the greater your awareness of how they work, the more effective your communication will be.

Leadership and Capacity Building: Our training focuses on building leadership capacity aimed at enabling individuals to establish their own formal or informal authority in demonstrating leadership behavior. Building leadership capacity is regarded as a valuable endeavor in achieving and maintaining a momentum for self-renewal. To this end, we offer this service to private, government and professional organizations.

Our leadership programs focus on helping natural leaders develop their skills and insight to become outstanding leaders.